No More Bullshit?

Evil Wizard ( Sorcerer ).

Good Wizard ( Magician ). Lord Jesus Christ, Son of Man.

The project is about my vision on Freedom.

 I try to level the playing field between Good and Evil.


Its also about my personal experiences with deceit.

I will explain what I have seen and how some hidden deception works.

The Site goes into many different directions and explains the deceptions committed by very influential people.

Also I will explain my response on Stealing according to Natural Law: (theft, voilence, deceit) 


It does HARM to your neighbours and to You.


Don't ( try to ) Commit it,

Don't ( try to ) Condone it,

Don't be too harsh or too weak against it.

End of story.

core of the new testament Bible.

these are Laws of Physics.

not religions or proof for any Concept of God.

the Monotheistic concept about God is False. 

I call it the Voldemort Concept.

I dont believe in a God who is responsible for suffering in the world.


 I see Christ as a Wizard who knew secrets of a wizarding war between people and to me unseen forces thats going on for thousands of years.


Atheism is Just a Dogma as Belief.


Dont believe that U can Understand our God.

He is not an idea or a concept.

We dont know what He is.

We do believe however in Who He is.

The best Concept is to say: God is Love/Law.

Mark Passio explains on the next page.


the safest to say as an honest Human being is that Christ is Science, Morality and Love.


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